The Next Three Days

While some of his past movies might not be that great, The Next Three Days shows us that the director and writer Paul Haggis can do a very good thriller movie. The start of the movie is Russel Crowe and it's all about a prison break that proves to be exciting. Most people will love movies where plans come together properly, but in The Next Three Days everything goes wrong. It's much more exciting this way and it makes the movie so much better.

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Paul Haggis does a good job as the writer and director of the movie and he managed to make a nice main character and a thriller that just works and is enjoyable. As with most movies of this type, there were plenty of ways that it could go wrong, with cliches and melodrama at every corner. The movie is exciting, moving and it actually teaches you a thing or two about what it takes to break out of a prison.

The cast of the movie is pretty good, with Russell Crowe the star that makes it all enjoyable. Russell has plenty of tough guy characters under his belt, but between his current age and the fact that he's a bit fat in the movie, he plays the role of a guy that is just average pretty well. He plays a humane character, which grounds the movie and helps the viewer to remain invested as the plot progresses.

All in all, this is a very nice movie with plenty of thrills and drama in it, that I will watch again as soon as I can.