Little Fockers

Little Fockers is the third movie from the series which started with Meet the parents and it's a chance to see the old cast once again, with a couple of extra additions to the team. As you might expect, Little Fockers focuses on the twins of the Focker family and on the relationship between the character played by De Niro and the one played by Ben Stiller. De Niro comes in touch with his own mortality as he starts looking for a successor, when he finds out that he has a heart problem. They keep getting into conflicts, as they do in every movie of the series, this time caused mainly by the relationship between Greg Focker and Andi Garcia, which is played by Jessica Alba, a sales rep that is into Greg quite a bit.

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Among the other actors that you will notice in this movie are Owen Wilson, Teri Polo, Blythe Danner, Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand. Two other known actors with small parts that go away quickly are Harvey Keitel and Laura Dern.

Paul Weitz is the director behind this comedy and he is mostly known for the movies Antz, About a Boy and In Good Company. The movie is written by John Hamburg and Larry Stuckey. Hamburg was also writer for the first two movies of the series.

All in all, the movie is a bit of a classic these days and almost everyone saw the first two parts of the series. It's a nice movie to see during the holidays, with some comforting jokes that you already know from the previous series.