True Grit

True Grit is a remake of a 1968 movie, with a simple story, that of a 14 year old who tries to revenge her father with the help of an old law man. The movie is driven by characters and the main two characters do a lot to carry this movie along. The Coen brothers do a good job with this movie and the two main characters they chose, Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld work well together and make a great movie.

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Playing the role of Mattie Ross, Hailee does wonders, projecting a bras and confident character, that shouldn't be messed with. I absolutely love her on the screen and I enjoyed her presence on the screen all the time. The other main character, Jeff Bridges, needs to presentations. He is great in this role, that of Rooster Cogburn. He is wise, weary and old in this movie and he plays the character wonderfully.

LaBoeuf is a Texas Ranger that is always by the book and straight laced and he is played by Matt Damon. He manages to add a bit of humor to the movie, though the performances of the other two characters are clearly better. Still, if you're a Matt Damon fan, this is a good chance to see him again on the screen.

All in all, True Grit can be considered a classic Western movie. It has a classic and simple direction, without any modern editing techniques in it, or weird camera angles. It has nice costumes, great vistas, gunfights and everything else that makes people love Westerns.

I can't wait to see it again as soon as possible. It is a great movie for a Western fan.