Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega is an animated movie created by Crest Animation and Lionsgate. They might not be as good as DreamWorks or Pixar, but these two studios cooperated and did a pretty good job. In this tale about wolfs, animals talk and a love story appears, between an omega male and an alpha female.

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The main characters, Humphrey and Kate, get their voices from Justin Long and Hayden Panetierre. These two are together almost all the time in the movie. While Humphrey is an Omega and a bit of a goofball, Kate is the responsible one from the duo. This movie is a lot about the fact that opposites attract each other and as expected this movie says that it's true. I for one especially loved Humphrey and his sarcasm, though Kate is a good character as well.

Alpha and Omega is directed by two people, Ben Gluck and Anthony Bell. One of the innovations brought on by the movie is the howl of the wolves, which resembles more like woh woh's from songs of the 80's than real animal sounds. Maybe this is one of the things that this movie will be remembered about, together with the fact that it was one of the last jobs that Dennis Hopper worked on.

All in all, I think this is a very good film to watch together with the family. Even if you don't like the trailers that much, the movie should be worth the time invested in it, as long as you watch it with your family. If you have kids, they should enjoy this movie, so it's worth giving it a chance.