Harry Potter Deathly Gallows

There are a couple of different types of people that go and watch the latest Harry Potter movie, called Deathly Hallows Part 1. First, you have the people that are fans of the book, then the ones that liked the movies and finally you have the people that saw a couple of the Harry Potter movies and know a bit about books, but they're not massive fans of the series.

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All three categories of people that I just mentioned will enjoy this movie, though obviously, you will like it much more if you followed the series from the beginning. I enjoyed it myself quite a bit and I will see it again as soon as possible. The reason why the movie has a better appeal to fans of the series is the number of characters and references that have a history behind them in the past movies.

The director of the movie is David Yates, which also worked on another two movies from the series. He does a great job on this one and he is one of the reasons why I will watch the movie again soon. It's probably the best movie from the Harry Potter series and you will surely enjoy it.

The movie has dark, crisp and vivid color tones and schemes and I loved the look of the movie.

As for the actors, Radcliffe, Grint and Watson have come a long way from the first movie of the series and they have great performances. Watson especially has come a long way and almost steals the show from the other actors.

Make sure you watch this movie. Even though I've seen it already, I'm going to watch it again soon. It's that good.