Due Date

Due Date is a comedy brought to you by Todd Phillips, the same director that also made another huge movie, The Hangover. The main actors in Due Date are Zach Galifianakis and Robert Downey Jr. The movie delivers what you would expect from it, comedy. Basically, the two main characters are forced to go across the country and they do it together. Thanks to their different natures, comedy comes easily as a result.

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While Galifianakis is more whimsical, Downey is more intense and in most cases, it's a combination that works well. Even though this is a comedy, it has its own drama moments, but they are replaced quickly by new gags.

Road Trip is yet another movie that takes place on the road and it was also directed by Todd Phillips. Comparing the two movies, shows a much more mature and patient director. Even though the movie is mainly about two people that sit in the car, the pace is good and it doesn't get claustrophobic, though the fact that the cars get their doors ripped off twice might have something to do with that.

The pairing between these two actors is well done and it uses the old format with the odd buddies that are quite different. The short temper that Peter has together with the eccentricities of Ethan make for good comedy and you will find yourself laughing plenty of times.

Due Date should bring you the laughs that one can expect from a well made comedy and all in all, it's worth the money you pay for the ticket.