Let Me In

People that will go to see Let Me In will belong to one of two categories. They either saw the movie from Sweden that this one remakes, or they don't have a clue about the history behind it and they only want a movie with vampires and adolescent romance.

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Whether you've seen the Swedish version or not will probably be important, as it makes you compare and be more critical of the movie. Despite seeing the Swedish version, I'll try to keep it mostly about the merits of the English movie and less about making comparisons.

The lead actors of this movie are obviously young and still they do a pretty good job in their roles. The main actors are Moretz Chloe and Smit-McPhee Kodi and they perform well in Let Me In, despite the fact that the subject is a bit more on the adult side. If I would have to compare them, I'd say that Moretz does a better job, as she alternates between the deadly predator and the little innocent girl. Still, Kodi portrays the frail victim quite well and has no problems with his role. As for the rest of the actors, Elias Koteas and Richard Jenkins have the best performance.

As far as remakes go, this one isn't bad but it's also not the best one. I can say that it is quite entertaining and it's worth seeing, even if you didn't see the Swedish original. If you enjoy vampire movies, this one with its Swedish origins, brings something new to the table.