The idea behind the Megamind movie should appeal to a lot of people, as it's built on the idea from the movie Superman. It's basically about a baby which comes from another planet on Earth and becomes a villain instead of a superhero. With actors like Brad Pitt, Tina Fey, Will Ferrell, Johan Hill and David Cross, Megamind is a great comedy and both kids and adults will enjoy it.

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All the actors that used their voices in the movie did a good job and the animators also did a proper job. A nice thing about CGI movies which have superheroes in them is that they usually do a great job at creating the superhero look. The shots of the action, the battles and the angles of the camera used will make you love this superhero movie and you will wish that real movies will be this well made.

What I liked about the movie is that it made me laugh a bunch of times and I actually enjoyed it more as the action progressed. I especially liked the second part of Megamind, where we see more of Megamind and we learn more about him. You will notice that the movie gives a couple of nods to other movies, including Superman, and I had fun watching out for those.

I liked the movie when I first watched it, I saw it a second time with some friends and I plan to see it again as soon as possible. If you have kids you should definitely watch it with them, but it's a movie that can be seen by adults as well.